Update post re-opening:


Hello Everyone! It's now been about a year since we have been holding classes, and we continue to follow New Jersey guidelines, which have been revised again now in May. Although we are still limiting class sizes in some situations, we are almost back to normal. 

We still are not lending our Inner Spirit mats nor blocks, so please come prepared beforehand with your own. All aerial participants must also wear socks.

We continue to utilize our enhanced filtration setup, as we have augmented the setup with not just the HEPA filter in our heat/HVAC system, but adding multiple ventilator towers in the yoga room to ensure the most clean air possible.

Thank you again for everyone who has come to the studio and complied with these additional requirements and adjustments made. Given the success we have had over the last year, we are confident that we will be able to continue to enjoy a safe and successful remainder of 2021 of in-studio yoga practice.

Come on in today, and see you on the mat!


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Welcome to Inner Spirit Studio. My studio is one of my favorite places to be!  I absolutely love seeing each and every person who walks through our doors. Whether they are having a good or bad day, I am so happy when they choose to come in to get some time to work on themselves. I hope you will stop by and see why Inner Spirit is more than just a place to workout.  Inner Spirit Studio is a home where a family of people, all shapes and sizes, that come together to improve their health, strength, and just refresh & revitalize the soul. Some of the reasons why our members love Inner Spirit:

  • Top-notch facility, with a natural light-filled 1,000 sq ft. room complemented with top-of-the-line heat, humidity, and sound system..

  • Cleanliness is Yoginess (at Inner Spirit). Our yoga room is immaculate: the studio is disinfected daily, including our bathrooms & showers. 

  • Class sizes are limited so you have your own personal space: we will not sacrifice your experience and space to pack in a room.

  • Amazing instructors that will help you regardless of your skill level.

  • Core hot yoga offering complimented with specialty classes like silk yoga, barre, and aerial yoga.

  • Unbeatable class prices for consistent customers. And we don't try to make up for it by selling you on every little thing: towels are free to use, use our yoga mats for free, and fill your water bottles with free filtered water.

I hope you will give our studio a try, and make Inner Spirit Studio one of your favorite places to be as well.

                            I'd love to get to know you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jen 

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