Come try our perfect combination of heat and humidity 

At Inner Spirit Studio we primarily offer vinyasa yoga, as we link our movements and breaths to create a balanced experience on many fronts: mentally, physically, and spiritually. The hot yoga classes are practiced in our heated room, varying from little heat all the way to a targeted 95 degrees. Given the amount of classes we offer on a weekly basis, we are able to ensure there is a class with the right amount of heat that you will enjoy. All of our hot yoga classes target a 30-40% humidity level to help facilitate the integration of sweat, strength and spirit. It is imperative that the atmosphere rivals the teaching, that is a focus we hold dear. All hot yoga classes are done in our 1,000+ square foot studio room flanked with wall-to-wall mirrors on two sides of the room, and oversized windows on the other which allow a light-filled, amazing atmosphere. Our state-of-the-art sound system ensures the setting is right to get your mind and spirit aligned.

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hot yoga

Vinyasa classes, combining our breathing and movements to create a mental & physical balance. 

kid's aerial

Sessions offered throughout the year, kids love it! You'll be amazed how they pick it up REALLY fast. 


Aerial yoga but without the inversions. Deep stretching, core workout, and a shavasana in the silk that you will love! 


Cardio & Strength/Toning classes that mix it up a little. Barre, PiYo & more. Fusion mixes inspired by Jen.


We have multiple classes weekly dedicated specifically for beginners. Inner Spirit is a great place to start your yoga journey!


Time to fly with us! Yoga takes flight... you just have to experience it.


Birthday party? Ladies night out? We do group parties/events. Our Yoga and Aerial parties are always a hit!