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*Loyalty Package requires to keep credit card on file.
Upon using the last class from your package, Inner Spirit will automatically purchase the same package for future use. You may cancel this auto renewal at any time. If you do not use all the classes of your current package, you WILL NOT be charged again in the future. You are only charged once you use ALL of your classes in the package.
Automatic purchases continue until you terminate your package. 
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Autopay Package
Inner Spirit Loyalty Package*
Benefits of Loyalty Package*
  • Classes NEVER EXPIRE. Never ever. Period.
  • Families can setup a family share account to SHARE CLASSES WITHIN IMMEDIATE FAMILY. One account. No need to purchase multiple packages for each family member
  • Receive the most discounted rates offered
  • Classes are valid for ALL Inner Spirit classes
  • Receive a 20% DISCOUNT for any Workshop classes offered

Weekday Warrior Plan allows entry to unlimited WEEKDAY classes. Monday thru Friday, attend any yoga, cycle, or cardio class.


Additional Terms:

- This is a monthly auto-renew contract

- There is a 1 year minimum membership. Member may cancel at any time after first year

- Reduced drop-in rate of $15 for any weekend classes

Monthly Unlimited Plan has no commitment period, may cancel at any time.

Packages allow entry into any/all classes at Inner Spirit Studio including Aerial Yoga classes. Events/workshops are not included in pricing.

Are you intimidated at trying to learn yoga, or have taken a few classes but frustrated that everyone else seemed so much more advanced than you? Inner Spirit Studio offers customized beginner’s classes for those new to yoga, and we have created a package designed to help new Yogi's learn all the essentials to yoga, and give you CONFIDENCE that you can succeed in your yoga practice! What this Ultimate Beginner’s Yoga Package offers:


- 20 classes over a 6-week period, allowing you access to both our fundamental yoga classes during the week and also entry to another hot yoga class during the week to help practice and improve your yoga training. You may use these 20 classes at any time during the 6-week period.

- After the initial 6-week period, you will then get 1 month Unlimited Access to the Studio to go to any Inner Spirit Class (this includes cycle, cardio, or aerial yoga classes). During this month you may also continue to attend our fundamentals yoga classes, or any other classes to help make sure you have mastered the basics of yoga.




Package Value - $450 

On sale for $225!!! - or $125 for new studio clients!

(Available for purchase in the studio!)

Inner Spirit Hosts parties on Saturday afternoons, as well as private individual and group sessions during the week and on Saturday's. Check out our Events/Parties tab for more information on these parties, as well as any upcoming workshops.
All private parties/sessions require a $50 non-refundable deposit and confirmation from the studio of availability