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Inner Spirit is now offering personal training sessions as well as small-group training sessions. With using low-impact techniques, free weights, TRX bands, kettle bells, steppers, bosu balls, resistance bands etc., training at Inner Spirit gives you a unique, customized experience, in a completely private setting. Let us put together a customized workout plan for you which will help you accomplish your health & fitness goals.

Nutrition is a very important part of your weight loss and overall health, so we have teamed up with a Nutritional Health Coach to write up a nutrition plan individualized for you.  Please ask Jen for more details if you are interested!



Pricing (All sessions include 1 free hot yoga/cardio/cycle class for EACH session purchased) 

                  30 Minute Private Session - $40                 

                  45 Minute Private Session - $50



        Group Sessions (3 or More)

                  45 Minute Session - $40 per individual (each individual receives a free hot yoga/cardio/cycle class)

        Customized Nutritional Meal Plans also offered - $60




Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, Inner Spirit Studio is now available online with our catalog of yoga classes updated daily, taught by your favorite Inner Spirit instructors. These on-demand classes are available to you via the video player below. To get started, click the "Watch Now" button on the video player. 

The cost is $50 per month for unlimited video access. Current Inner Spirit members may use existing classes to pay for each month of service (e-mail us to facilitate this). New members may purchase access below.