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Hot Vinyasa

A combination of action/sweating synced with rhythmic breathing. The class focuses on building and engaging your core strength while relying on your breath flow as you move through a sequence of asanas. Temperature targeted at 95 degrees.

Warm Vinyasa

Less intense heat than our traditional hot yoga class, this setting is warm enough to relax and help stretch the muscles, without the dripping sweat in our hot yoga class. The class focuses on building and engaging your core strength while relying on your breath flow as you move through a sequence of asanas. Temperature targeted at 90 degrees.

Warm Silk Yoga

Come try our Silk Yoga class! Taking the best of our Aerial Yoga class, but without the inversions and flipping. The class takes the incredible deep stretching that the silk's allow you to do, coupled with a core workout that you are used to in a power yoga class, although targeting different muscle groups as you engage with the aerial silk apparatus. Class size is limited, be sure to reserve your spot.

Yoga Fundamental's

Our Yoga Fundamental's class is designed to teach the core foundation of yoga practice. These classes will tend to have a core set of yoga moves taught each time (i.e. Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses, Child's Pose), with additional moves that change every class, including breathing patterns. You have the ability to ask questions and the class may hold certain positions longer as the instructor walks around and helps students master the various poses. This is a great class to help make sure posture and positioning is on point!

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Slow Flow

A focus on flexibility and core strength, synced with rhythmic breathing. The class focuses on your breath flow as you move through a sequence of asanas. The class aims to provide strength and balance to the mind and body.


These yoga classes are focused more on the mind and deep stretching/holding poses for extended periods of time as you release tension and stress in the body.

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At Inner Spirit Studio we primarily offer vinyasa yoga, as we link our movements and breaths to create a balanced experience on many fronts: mentally, physically, and spiritually. The hot yoga classes are practiced in a heated room, varying from little heat all the way to a targeted 95 degrees. Given the amount of classes we offer on a weekly basis, we are able to ensure there is a class with the right amount of heat that you will enjoy. All of our hot yoga classes target a 30-40% humidity level to help facilitate the integration of sweat, strength and spirit. It is imperative that the atmosphere rivals the teaching, that is a focus we hold dear. All hot yoga classes are done in our 1,000+ square foot studio room flanked with wall-to-wall mirrors on two sides of the room, and oversized windows on the other which allow a light-filled, amazing atmosphere. Our state-of-the-art sound system ensures the setting is right to get your mind and spirit aligned.

Inner Spirit also offers non-heated yoga classes in our brand new studio addition. Also lined with mirrors, expansive windows, and an integrated sound system, our new studio sets the stage for an equally-impressive experience, simply without the heat. Our fundamental yoga classes are all held in this non-heated room, as well as yoga sculpt and yoga classes for all levels.

Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, Inner Spirit Studio is now available online with our catalog of yoga classes updated daily, taught by your favorite Inner Spirit instructors. These on-demand classes are available to you via the video player below. To get started, click the "Watch Now" button on the video player. 

The cost is $50 per month for unlimited video access. Current Inner Spirit members may use existing classes to pay for each month of service (e-mail us to facilitate this). New members may purchase access below.