Are you intimidated at trying to learn yoga, or have taken a few classes but frustrated that everyone else seemed so much more advanced than you? Inner Spirit Studio offers customized beginner’s classes for those new to yoga, and we have created a package designed to help new Yogi's learn all the essentials to yoga, and give you CONFIDENCE that you can succeed in your yoga practice! What this Ultimate Beginner’s Yoga Package offers:


- 20 classes over a 6-week period, allowing you access to both our fundamental yoga classes during the week and also entry to another hot yoga class during the week to help practice and improve your yoga training. You may use these 20 classes at any time during the 6-week period.

- After the initial 6-week period, you will then get 1 month Unlimited Access to the Studio to go to any Inner Spirit Class (this includes any cycle, cardio, or aerial yoga classes). During this month you may also continue to attend our fundamentals yoga classes, or any other classes to help make sure you have mastered the basics of yoga.




Package Value - $450 

New clients to Inner Spirit Studio can purchase this package once for $125!

Existing clients on sale for $225!!!

(Available for purchase in the studio!)



At Inner Spirit Studio, we strive to make sure you have the ability to learn the fundamentals of yoga -proper technique, form and nuances like breathing patterns and proper hand pivots. We call it our Fundamentals Class. It's a workshop as we dig deep into various poses, reviewing form and execution... but it is designed in a class format so you can get your yoga session in! The class is heated slightly, enough to help acclimate you to hot yoga (or if that isn't of interest, you'll be ready for our Warm Yoga classes!). 

If you're brand new, or have practiced for years but it is simply time to review the core fundamentals, check out this class... We offer it multiple times a week. Yogi's love the intimate setting in Studio B, as class sizes are limited, giving you more interaction and attention from the instructor with this small-group class size. Our fundamental classes in our main studio get you a little more prepared for the warmth, as they are heated slightly more. We're serious about this - there isn't a better way to learn the yoga practice than these classes, you have to check it out. Come work on your yoga practice, and become a Super-yogi!